Hi, welcome to Outpost Six.

Humanity is in serious danger, facing annihilation. An asteroid is about to hit the Earth, a dangerous pandemic has broken out and Sarah Palin has become president, all at the same time.

The last hope was to abandon the planet and try to start a new civilization on another world. A ship was sent to the nearest inhabitable planet. You were sent ahead of the pack to set up the infrastructure before the spaceship arrives. The survival of the human species rests on your shoulders. So get to work!

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Music by the late Lucette Bourdin


General Issues and Bugs

- use Chrome or Firefox, please
- do NOT refresh page using F5... this will set you back to level 1, and probably cause weird bugs to show up later


- try Fullscreen (F11) if you wish, or resize window as you like
- map is mouse-draggable
- click top headings in menus to minimize menus
- left menu can be drag-scrolled (sometimes doesn't work though)
- Select building in left menu, click on map to build
- You can un-select buildings in the menu if you are annoyed with having a "building-cursor" all the time
- Clicking a building on the map gives option to bulldoze building.

Gameplay / Instructions

- Actually read the text on the start screen, please
- You have some basic supplies upon landing, and the Construction Plant can generate some energy and carbon for a LIMITED amount of time
- Watch the damn numbers in the right menu!
- You can only build close to the Contruction Plant
- Buildings have priority for resources. When resources are insufficient, construction stops to keep buildings running. Bulldoze some buildings to get construction going again.
- Build more construction plants to make more use of the area by extending your range. Later levels have many obstacles, so you'll really need those to make use of the limited amount of usable surface area
- It's a good idea to start with a few solar plants
- Four solar plants can power one Carbon Extractor
- If you are not self-sustained when basic supplies and Construction Plant are exhausted, you may run into a dead end.
- When objectives are reached while you are self-sustained, the remaining time is skipped and the spaceship will show up immediately. The clock however is not updated and still shows the old time remaining