Planet Hellfrozenover

This is an icy world. It may be cold, but since ice is everywhere, it will be easy to find spots to build on. Go
Planet Hardrock

Like its name says, this planet mainly consists of hard rock. Get your infrastructure rolling. Go
Planet Helldonerite

A volcanic world, with lots of craters and slowly cooling lava strewn around for good measure. Go
Planet Swumpf

Slimy swamps are the main feature on the surface of this planet. Oh, and some craters, too. Go
Planet Barrenwuffet

A huge desert the size of a planet, with a lot ob craters you can't build stuff upon. Go
Planet Earth

Welcome back! After a bunch of rather difficult planets, an opportunity has come up to come back to good old Earth. Everyone's dead, but there's still life, the atmosphere is clean again, and the place is just nicer than all those other rocks you've been flying around. Just make sure it lives up to everyone's expectations. There'd better be coffee.

You have succeeded. Humanity survived because of you. Thanks.

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You have failed to build all required buildings. Everyone died. Humans are extinct. Try again.

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